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Corporate publications

Strategies and Plans

Strategic Plan 

Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy Strategic Plan 2022-26.


Creative Together 2020-2030: A 10-Year Roadmap for arts, culture and creativity in Queensland

Queensland Government's ten-year vision which will see Queensland renewed and contribute to the state's social, cultural and economic future through arts, culture and creativity.


Sustain 2020-2022

First two-year action plan for Creative Together. Arts Queensland is leading the implementation of Sustain 2020-2022 across the Queensland Government in partnership with key stakeholders.


Disability Services Plan

Outlines the department's actions to improving access to services across government for people with a disability.


Our story, our future

Queensland Government Multicultural Policy promoting an inclusive and harmonious and united Queensland.


Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan

Outlines activities that will either reduce the amount and impact of departmental waste generated, or improve the way in which the department manages unavoidable waste. Arts Queensland works within the framework of the Arts Property Portfolio Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan 2021-2024 (PDF) (998.39 KB).

Asbestos Management Policy  (PDF) (230.54 KB)

Outlines underlying principles and obligations concerning the management of asbestos containing material in Arts Queensland facilities.


Asbestos Register (PDF) (718.95 KB)

Identifies the location of materials known or likely to contain asbestos in Arts Queensland



Annual report

Information about our department’s governance arrangements, objectives, functions, and performance.


Finance and budget

Our department’s budget outcomes and performance targets are outlined in the State Budget papers including Capital Statement and the Service Delivery Statement


Queensland Multicultural Plan - Annual Report

DCHDE's achievements against the Multicultural Policy for 2020-21 including Arts Queensland.