2016 Choreographic Residency Program

The New Move Network 2015-16 is a consortium of independent dance artists in partnership with key stakeholders the Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns, Ausdance Qld, and James Cook University a bid to stimulate sustainability and market development opportunities for contemporary expression in Northern Australia. The New Move Network 2016 choreographic residency program seeks to challenge and inspire Far North Queensland patrons and practitioners through qualitative Dance engagement. We are looking to foster a connection between artists and audience by building on the regions combined interests of Indigenous art, the Tropics, and the diverse audience of residents, national and international tourists. In 2016 the New Move Network will support four self-directed national residencies for practice-led research, investigation and/or new work, awarded through a competitive peer-assessed program.

A Residency at CoCA includes:

  • At least $8,000 funding per residency
  • Use of studio space
  • Technical support
  • Marketing support
  • Advice


Resident artists will be asked to deliver some or all of the following:


  • Pro or open class
  • Open discussion/creation sessions for other artists
  • Sharing of works in progress


Through a research partnership with JCU, the New Move Network will also undertake an interview with the resident artist, the focus of which is critical dialogue and reflective practice. Documentation may be recorded for archival purposes. All residencies are subject to negotiation and agreement between CoCA and the artist. The dates for the residencies are as follows and recipients will be announced shortly:


  • NMN #1 residency - 22/1/16 - 2/3/16
  • NMN #2 residency - 9/5/16 - 21/5/16
  • NMN #3 residency - 2/10/16 - 29/10/16
  • NMN #4 residency - 7/11/16 - 19/11/16


How to apply: applications for 2016 have now closed


  • Concept (what's it about)
  • Methodology (how you'll do it)
  • Rationale (why it's important to you at this moment)


Residency selection criteria:


  • Artistic merit - briefly outline your experience.
  • What do you wish to achieve? Provide a carefully considered proposal.
  • How will you measure (evaluate) your success in achieving your aims?
  • Provide a brief budget for your proposal, demonstrating the project's viability.
  • How will this residency contribute to the arts ecology? You may want to consider the relationship between
    the audience and the work, and/or the context of the residency.
  • Please provide your contact details and your dance-related website link.


For further enquiries please email


Creative Development

·      Biddigal Performing Arts - choreographer Pauline Lampton presented by Cairns Festival 17-29 Aug 2015, Theatre, Stage 2 remount - Bigddigal Dreaming

·      Choreographer Rita Pryce The Space, 2016, new work untitled for Baiwa 16 May - 4 June 2016

·      Bonemap + Clocked Out, intermedia - Theatre, 28 September – 3 October 2015, New work Time Crystals

·      Choreographer Catherine Hassall, The Space, new work: Rain for the Centre of Australasian Theatre 1 - 19 Feb, 2016

·      Raghav Handa, The Space, new work: Mens Rea: The Shifter's Intent, June, 2016

·      Liz & Zaimon, Prying Eye Productions, The Space, new work: Cells Behaving Badly 22 Aug - 2 Sept, 2016