New Move Network

New Move Network 2015 - 2016 - 2017: a dedicated program of contemporary dance presentations and audience development by a consortium of independent dance artists in partnership with key stakeholders the Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns, Ausdance Queensland, James Cook University and Nintiringanyi Cultural Training Centre.

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Workshop Program

March 30 2015 Joseph Simons: Contemporary Dance Techniques
July 6 2015 (Celebrating NAIDOC Week) Gary Lang: Contemporary Dance
August 2 2015 10am Bradley Chatfield: Contemporary Dance Techniques
August 11 2015 Dancenorth: In Two Minds
November 23 2015 6-7.30pm Lisa Wilson: Contemporary Dance Techniques

Saturday 2 April 2016, 10:30-12:30pm Sue Healey: Contemporary Dance Techniques
April 2016 - Claire Marshall
Saturday 18 June, 2016 - Raghav Handa
Saturday 27th August - Liz and Zaimon Vilmanis, Prying Eye Productions
Saturday 19th November - Philip Channells
Saturday 27th January - Liesel Zink: It's Public
Saturday 25th March - Collusion with Gareth Belling: Trubine
Wednesday 17th May - Dancenorth's Rainbow Vomit: with Jess Devereux and Susan van den Ham


Performance & Events Program

Past & Future Events
Joseph Simons: First Things First 30-31st March
Igneous + Bonemap: FLUIDATA 13 June 3015
Dancenorth's In Two Minds 14th & 15th August
Biddigal Performing Arts In residence at CoCA from the 17 August 2015
Cockfight 9th & 10th October 2015
Time Crystals by ClockedOut & Bonemap 17 &18 October 2015
Rain by Catherine Hassall, Centre for Australasian Theatre, Feb 2016
Mens Rea: The Shifter's Intent by Raghav Handa June 2016
Cells Behaving Badly by Prying Eye Productions, Aug 2016
Inflight Trilogy by Philip Channells, Nov 2016
It's Public by Liesel Zink, Jan-Feb 2017
Turbine by Collusion, Mar 2017
Crazy Times by Sydney Dance Company, Apr 2017
Rainbow Vomit by Dancenorth, May 2017
Blue Love by Shaun Parker, Sept 2017
Makeshift, Nov 2017



1 - 19 Feb, 2016
CFAT / Choreographer Catherine Hassall: Rain
Catherine Hassall's choreographic work within the Centre for Australasian Theatre is often overshadowed by the multiple demands of producing independent theatre.
She explains "This residency will enable an intensive focus on dance/choreography, and search for new hybrid dance possibilities within the context of our intercultural and interdisciplinary work where the borders between dance and theatre, and between cultures are constantly shifting. With butoh/body weather at the core of my dance practice, the residency will also provide new community engagement possibilities to increase understanding of this unusual Japanese dance/theatre form".

1 April - 29 May, 2016
Sue Healey: On View
Presented in association with KickArts
On View is a luminous, cinematic experience evoking the reverential spaces of a portrait gallery. The work dissects the body with an analytical intimacy as it explores the dimensions of portraiture and how we view each other.

On View¬†presents video and live portraits of three Australian dance artists central to Healey‚Äôs recent work: Shona Erskine, Benjamin Hancock and Raghav Handa‚Äď an archive of movement histories.¬†On View¬†is a celebration of these artists‚Äô unique skills in shaping identity through meticulous attention to movement. It exposes diverse ways of thinking through the body.

Healey‚Äôs work reveals the drama that exists at the boundaries between the choreographic and the filmic ‚Äď a provocative dialogue between performers and their cinematic selves, articulating how we see and are seen.
Winner Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film/New Media ‚Äď 2014 Australian Dance Awards.

Film: Sue Healey
Choreographer: Sue Healey, in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Shona Erskine, Benjamin Hancock, Raghav Handa,
Director of Photography: Judd Overton, Music: Darrin Verhagen, Justin Ashworth, Lighting Designer: Karen Norris

Cairns Details:
1 April - 29 May, 2016
Video installation - 22 minutes (KickArts Gallery 1)
Accompanied by live performance 1st April 6.15pm & 2nd April 3pm. Performance Choreographed by Sue Healey | Performed by Raghav Handa
Workshop lead by Sue Healey April 2nd 10.30am

11-23 April, 2016
Claire Marshall: Flaunt
Presented in association with Metro Arts
She’s worked with Darren Hayes, Kate Miller-Heidke,Megan Washington, Little Birdie, The Sleepy Jackson, John Butler Trio, Powderfinger and Tycho Brahe; now see the acclaimed Claire Marshall bring sexy back to the stage in this new show.

Enter the world of Flaunt where a smoky haze, dazzling lights and myriad bodies surround you. Unleash your inner voyeur and witness virtuosic dancers performing above and around you, to a thrilling soundtrack. Claire’s work as a contemporary choreographer for the stage and screen comes to the fore in this new collaboration, which takes the smoke, mirrors and glamour of night clubs and embeds it with a clever and insightful look at female sexuality and empowerment.

Recommended for ages 15+
52 minutes (no interval)

13th - 25th June, 2016
Raghav Handa: Mens Rea

Mens rea¬†explores the concept of ‚ÄúShape-Shifting‚ÄĚ and is set against the background of the Indian epic,¬†Ramayana. Shifting between three of its principal characters Jatayu, Sita and Ravana, Handa explores the shift in their intent as the trigger point of their physical and emotional transformation. Jatayu (a demi-god vulture) attempts to rescue Sita (the wife of the god, Rama) but is captured and mutilated by Ravana (a shape-shifting demon).

Handa and Mentor Marilyn Miller, visited Indigenous elders in the remote communities of Laura and Yarrabah in Far North Queensland to conduct the initial research. In Australian Aboriginal ceremonies, dancers apply ochre and wear the feathers or skin of their animal guardians, while adopting the grace and form of the animal they have become. From an Indian perspective, Handa consulted his family on the story of Sita‚Äôs theft and the characters in¬†Ramayana. Building on this premise he explored the trigger points that initiate transformation, the physical changes that result from transformation, and the emotions imbued on transformation. To explore ‚ÄúShape-Shifting‚ÄĚ on a skeletal level, Raghav worked with the 3D motion capture technology at Deakin Motion Lab in Melbourne.

Raghav’s stylistical dance aesthetic reflects his experiences with Australian contemporary indigenous dance over many years and his own Indian heritage. Using distinct movement qualities and personas he creates physical sites/zones in space to facilitate shift in intent, physical attributes and atmosphere


22 Aug - 3 Sept, 2016
Prying Eye Productions - Lizzie and Zaimon Vilmanis: Cells Behaving Badly

Is the human race becoming like cancer cells: unable to make decisions to think and act of thier own accord, even destroying their own existence?

For the initial phase of this new dance project, Prying Eye begin by looking at cancer - or as they and others like to call it, cells behaving badly.  Working from the behaviours of cancer cells as initial stimulus they'll build an associated vocabulary of new artistic material to germinate a new work.  The process will utilise thier "creative minds" practice - brainstorming, written streaming, movement and vocal improvisation, drawing, photography, sound recording, task based choreography, journal writing and reflective discussion.


7 - 25 November, 2016

Dance Integrated Australia - Philip Channells: Inflight Trilogy

Inflight Trilogy is the latest installment of Dance Integrated Australia's evolving solo series project, ITS ALL ABOUT ME, which is curated and produced by Creative Director, Philip Channells in collaboration with artists from diverse artistic backgrounds and life experience.

Supported by Ausdance NSW, the seeding of ideas for this new work was initiated across a 5-day DAIR research period held at the Australian College of Physical Education in Western Sydney in December 2015.

The second stage development is part of the New Move Network 2015 - 2016.

Performed by Channells, this new solo work for ITS ALL ABOUT ME, in collaboration with NSW based artists, James Brown (sound designer & composer), Sean Campbell (costume & set design) and Sam James (film & projection designer), draws from lived experience of being exposed to the human immunodeficiency virus and navigates deeply personal territory through the use of text, movement, instsallation, sound design, film and projections.


23 Jan - 4 Feb, 2017

Liesel Zink: It's Public

This initial development period experimented with ideas surrounding a participatory dance and sound work in Cairns' public space.  Through engaging methods of play we expolored the role of the political body in public space and developed a series of workshops that encouraged participants to explore thier own social policital voice and it's importance in our curren tpolitical climate.


20 Mar - 1 April, 2017

Collusion - with Gareth Belling: Turbine

Turbine takes exisitng power structures and turns them on their heads.

Its explores the similarities between Australia's continued reliance on fossil fuesl with hyper-masculinity of the 'Aussie Male'.  The reluctance to move towards clean and renewable energy echoes our cluture's slow movement away from outdated cultural norms of gender and marriage inequality, contrasted with the turbine as a powerful symbol of change, renewal and progression.


13 - 23 Nov, 2017

Makeshift - Caitlin and Gabriel Comerford

This New Move Network Program has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.
The presenting partners are New Move Network, Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns and Ausdance Queensland.
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