Event: Laboratory - Yoga for Actors


All levels of experience welcome.

Compression of world theatre methodologies for the physical actor.  Core exercises for spatial, temporeal and psycho-physical training.


“Liminality may perhaps be regarded as the Nay to all positive structural assertions, but as in some sense the source of them all, and, more than that, as a realm of pure possibility whence novel configurations of ideas and relations may arise” Turner, 1967  more

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The Centre for Australasian Theatre (CfAT) is a collaborative company of culturally and artistically diverse artists in Queensland’s Far North creating new transcultural and inter-disciplinary theatre for an emerging world.  
Acutely aware of Australia’s complex intercultural history and its place in the South Pacific and Asia, CfAT stimulates pluri-vocal and non-hierarchical processes to forge new artistic and cultural dialogues towards a culturally inclusive theatre of many languages and many artforms.
Fusing contemporary and arcane methodologies with a focus on physical and somatic ensemble training and supported by live musicians and visual artists, CfAT creates expressionistic and surprisingly cathartic performances that remain epic, poetic and beautiful.
CfAT values freedom and equality for all people of all cultures. It promotes creative solutions for respectful collaboration, global well-being, peace and sustainability for future generations.

Event details

Dates:Monday, 15 May 2017 - Monday, 22 May 2017

Monday 15th, Wednesday 17th & Monday 22nd May

11am - 12.30pm

Venue:The Space, Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns
Genre:Theatre, Workshop

donation at the door