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Event: Defined - Lois Hayes


Wearable art defined by the environment of Far North Queensland


As a contemporary artist Lois Hayes current focus on artistic jewellery sees her explore elements of asymmetrical balance. Combining both natural and man-made objects within her pieces, Hayes undertakes a meditative act of construction within each piece, from which these contrasting materials find harmony through an asymmetrical design approach. Hayes latest exhibition Defined demonstrates the results of her current body of work, imbued with forms and motifs of the environment of Far North Queensland to which Hayes relocated some four years ago. 


Image credit: Lois Hayes Journey Through Time 2017 mixed media 50x8.4x1.5cm (detail)

Event details

Dates:Tuesday, 2 May 2017 - Saturday, 3 Jun 2017

The Galleries are open Monday to Friday 10am-5pm

Venue:Jim Traynor Feature Wall, Kickarts at Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns
Genre:Visual Art

Entry to the Galleries is free