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BFK Offers Fitting Tribute 


Cairns, 7th December, 2015 â€“ In Nationally and internationally acclaimed Australian jazz musicians Berardi/Foran/Karlen (BFK) have officially combined their love of music and passion for Australian history to create their debut album Hope in My Pocket, which will be performed at the Centre of Contemporary Arts tomorrow, December 11. 

Described as a hauntingly beautiful tribute to Australia’s ANZAC legacy, the musical trio features Kristin Berardi on vocals, Sean Foran on piano and Rafael Karlen on saxophone. 

Foran said it was an emotional journey sifting through the hundreds of wartime letters at the Queensland State archives and Queensland State Library, which formed the very basis of the album. 

“These letters were from soldiers back to their families, from families to soldiers, from families to the government, from medical personnel, from friends.

“After reading so many letters we felt that many of them were really personal and hence we didn't want to address them in exact terms, and be too literal in our interpretation.”

Musically, Hope In My Pocket’s beautiful vocal melodies and saxophone are such a striking combination that at times, almost blur into one, while the absence of drums and bass gives the tracks a great deal of space and a sense of silence to enhance the content.

“We felt it more pertinent to use the overall content and themes of the letters and write the music and lyrics around them, creating original content that respected the letters, and didn't just copy them word for word.”

Foran said this allowed the trio to feel comfortable that the music written could still be personal. “It came out of our personal reaction and interpretation to the stories of the ANZACs and their families,” he added. 

BFK will perform their songs from Hope in My Pocket at the Centre of Contemporary Arts on Friday, December 11 for one night only at 7.30pm. Tickets are $29 for adults and $24 for concession.  For more information or to book visit




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