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Cairns, 12th August, 2015 – Cairns dancer Ashley McLellan will return home to perform with Dancenorth as it brings its latest work, In Two Minds to the Centre of Contemporary Arts this Friday and Saturday, August 14-15. 


In Two Minds are two distinct new dance works from three of Australia’s most exciting young choreographers. 


For McLellan it will be an exciting time to return home. “I grew up in Trinity Beach and I have a real connection to the region. I am really proud of these works and can’t wait to perform them at home,” she said. 


Both shows share a common thread as they each explore the nature of human connection and its relationship to the natural world.


Alisdair Macindoe’s Pre-emptive Requiem For Mother Nature will be presented first, followed by Syncing Feeling created by Kyle Page and Amber Haines.


Melbourne based Choreographer, Macindoe explains that the magic of the organic world and physical phenomena often taken for granted was what inspired him.


“Birds, sunsets, waves crashing, the impact of the wind all intrigue me and as a choreographer I am fascinated by the mechanics of the body and how we move in relation to our environment.”


“A Pre-emptive Requiem for Mother Nature is an evolution with a million micro shifts rather than clear changes, reflecting how nature is never the same.” 


An intricate live feed video projection brought to life on holographic projection film both supports and enhances this visually stunning work.


Macindoe was commissioned by Dancenorth to create A Pre-emptive Requiem for Mother Nature at its Townsville studio as part of the company’s commitment to inviting a range of choreographers to create new works for the company’s full-time ensemble.


Dancenorth’s Artistic Director Kyle Page is leading the company in this bold new phase of intensive creativity. As part of In Two Minds he has choreographed, and performs in Syncing Feeling with co-creator Amber Haines.


First developed during a three-month residency in Varanasi, India in 2013, Syncing Feeling delves into the nature of empathy through a scientific lens. 


The work explores various avenues of scientific research including Theory of Mind, Metacognition and Mirror Neurons.


Dancenorth will perform In Two Minds at the Centre of Contemporary Arts this Friday and Saturday at 7.30pm. Tickets are A$29 and C$24 and can be purchased online at


A public dance masterclass will also be held Tuesday, August 11 at 6pm. The cost is $10 and dancers over the age of 15 are welcome. 




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